Own An Online Store, Check Out These Shipping Strategies

20150902213328-shipping-boxes-packaging-companyDo you run an e-commerce business? Have you heard of Eshipper?

An e-commerce customer’s decision to buy a product is not just influenced by the fair price of the product they add to the cart but also the shipping charges. The discount on the product seems nonexistent with the high delivery charges. The challenge in front of the e-commerce website is how to make the customer complete the checkout process without abandoning their carts. One of the strategies used by e-commerce retailers is to cut down on their profit margins to bring in the shipping cost within the product and make the offer attractive for the customer. This is not easy and has to be handled with care. Studies have gone to prove that shipping and handling charges are the primary factors to driving the shopping cart out of the finish gate.

Successful Shipping Strategies
Free shipping
Many e-commerce websites do not hesitate to cut down on the shipping cost to accommodate a customer. Find some e-statistics on the shipping cost at http://www.census.gov/programs-surveys/e-stats.html. Many offer free shipping for domestic orders. It can encourage more customers to endorse your web site for its affordability and convenient shipping charges. Adding Free Shipping on your website could give an edge over competitors. There are two ways shipping cost can be removed, either by absorbing the shipping cost or increasing the cost of the product to cover the delivery charges.

Minimum cart value
Another attractive offer would be to provide free shipping with minimum cart value or minimum cart items. This can give you the advantage of holding on to the customer and make a profit by engaging the customer to add more cart value or items. Free shipping advertisement could make a great addition to your kitty. It is a valuable marketing strategy to boost business. Some websites offer free shipping on all products on the website and call for easy shopping as shipping cost need not be calculated.

An e-commerce retailer should take a careful decision depending on the items they sell. A luxury store can afford to add shipping cost on to the product and announce free shipping and handling as the difference will not be too much evident. But if you are in a competitive market where the items are priced low, adding shipping cost to the item could be detrimental to your business. You have to understand your niche and select a shipping strategy that is profitable.

Real-time shipping quotes
Some shopping websites offer real-time shipping quotes, so the customer gets to pay what is charged. This promotes transparency. Though, the discrepancies happen, where you have to break even on the shipping charges collected and the amount paid to ship the package. The shopping website at the checkout offers real-time shipping calculation based on the pin code the item has to be shipped. The transparency wins the confidence of the customer.

Flat shipping rates
Some shopping websites offer flat rates based on the weight, order value or individual package. This takes some preparation as the average cost needs to be figured out. Here care has to be taken not to overcharge or undercharge the customer.

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