Know Your Rights About Tax Credits

ci4-rh7uaaas77hThe demand for enhanced non-refundable tax credits for people suffering from diabetes to reduce the financial difficulties of reducing the load of the higher medical cost is placed in front of the Canadian Government. Those with Type 1 diabetes are eligible for disability tax credit if they are eligible for life-sustaining therapy. To be qualified for DTC, the Canadian Revenue Agency should be informed of the case through a confirmation that the applicant spent a minimum of 14 hours in a week on CRA listed activities relative to insulin administration. Help is available at For elaborate information on DTC check

Who are eligible to apply for DTC?
Parents of kids with are suffering from Type 1 diabetes and are under the age of 18 years can qualify for DTC. The physician treating the child has to sign the T2201 Disability Tax Credit Certificate to meet the criteria. For children under 18 years to meet the eligibility criteria the parent or guardian time can also be combined to satisfy the 14 hours in a week condition. Once the applicant turns 18, they are required to reapply by the CRA.

Adults with Type 1 diabetes are not eligible for DTC because there is no adequate information provided to the CRA. Information pertaining to minimum 14 hours a week in activities related to insulin administration has to be informed to the CRA. The confirmation must be received from physicians that the patients have 14 hours a week activities. Therefore it is required by the adults to make a record of the CRA-specific activities and offer all the information to the concerned physician. Once the T2001 disability tax credit certification is received additional information can be collected from the physician to fulfill the eligibility criteria.

Activities permitted for the 14 hours a week calculation
The activities permitted by the Canada Revenue Agency including blood sugar monitoring, preparation and administration of insulin, preparing the equipment like altering the infusion site for an insulin pump and logbook maintenance for blood sugar levels.

Activities not permitted by CRA
The activities that are not allowed by the CRA include carbohydrate counting, exercise, meal preparation, treatment and recovery from hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia, the time span for delivery of insulin from the pump, medicine shopping and medical appointments.

Recommendations of CDA to the federal government
The federal government is advised by the Canadian Diabetes Association to elaborate the Income Tax Act or make changes to the Section 118.3 to allow Canadians who are suffering from Type 1 diabetes to be eligible for DTC. Remember that Type 1 diabetes needs 24/7 management and therefore the CDA recommended the federal government to allow the time used for all insulin administering activities to be calculated under the 14-hour criteria. This recommendation makes all the adults with Type 1 diabetes qualify for DTC and Canadians below the age of 18 to access the Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) in the future.

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