How To Get More Out Of Your Car?

tesla5Fuel economy is an important factor that comes to mind when you think about cars. There are various parts of a car that needs to work in sync in order to make it worth more for the fuel. With proper care and efficient driving one can certainly make their car to be more fuel economic. Toyota Kansas City has put together some tips for you to improve your ride. The UK government statistical website states that there are a more number of registered cars than there were ten years ago. Therefore, if you are conscious about doing your bit to leave less carbon foot-prints, follow these tips for a great ride.

Take Care Of The Engine
A well-tuned engine will work best to give you a best fuel efficiency. Therefore, make sure that you follow the correct schedule for servicing your car and ensure that it is in perfect condition. By doing this, you are prolonging the life of the engine which leads to your car working for a longer period of time.

Emission Control
The warning light on your dashboard is not lying about the condition of your car. It can play a major role in deciding the fuel economy of your car. If your car can travel up to 40 mpg and the sensor is not working properly, it can bring down the mileage up to 30 mpg.

Air Filter
Check the air filter in your engine every time your service your car so that the engine can breathe freely. If the air filter isn’t working properly, it would be a good idea to replace it as well.

Spark Plugs
Depending on the engine being used in your car, there might be four, six, eight or even twelve spark plugs in your car. They help in the fuel getting mixed properly in your car. Ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule.

Using The Correct Type Of Motor Oil
All the stores have engine lubricants along with the auto parts for the user’s convenience. You cannot just use any type of oil for your car. You need to make sure that the type of oil you are using is actually suitable for your engine. Using wrong engine oil can reduce the engine efficiency by two percent. Look out for the “Energy Conserving” label in the API symbol on the container. This will help in reducing the friction that can enhance the mileage of your car.

Tyre Inflation And Wheel Alignment
The resistance to roll is more when the tyres are not inflated properly and as a result, your engine will require more fuel to push the car down the road. Checking the tire pressure on a monthly basis can make sure that they are inflated as per the requirements. You can check the owner’s manual to understand the right tyre pressure for your car. During winter season you need to check more as the molecules in the tire contracts owing to the cold weather. Check with your local mechanic on the process of checking the tyre pressure. By doing this you are helping and not pushing your engine to more work than it can.

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